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August 2012

Mayor’s Corner August 2012

The first weekend of August is coming up and the temperature is predicted to be in the 90’s.  I have come to realize that there are those people who actually enjoy weather this hot.  I have also come to realize that I will never be one of those people.  Maybe it is something in the DNA of those of us raised in Oregon that makes us seek shade for any heat over 85 degrees.  Or maybe I’m just projecting a stereotype of the pasty skinned Oregonian who dances in the rain.  My apologies to any heat loving member of the Yamhill community – I mean no offence, it just truly confuses me to see people happily running about when I am reduced to a lethargic puddle of sweat.

Growing up on the east side of Multnomah County, when it would turn hot in August, we would pack a picnic dinner and head down to Oxbow Park on the Sandy river – about a 10 minute drive from our house.  There, we could eat in the shade and then play in the cool water.  I had a slightly higher tolerance for the heat when I was younger, but never turned down an opportunity to go to the river! 

So where do you go when it’s hot?  It seems that there are plenty of places around Yamhill to go where you can get cool and have a good time.  Personally, I like heading to the coast range and feeling the temperature drop the higher you go.  Menefee Park is also a good spot to find some shade and stick your feet in the water.

Whatever you do during times when the temperature is high, be sure to keep hydrated with water or even a sports drink.  Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol as they both deplete your body of water.  Clear liquids are best, but these include vitamin waters, jell-o, and popsicles.  Plan ahead for what your activities will be during the heat and try to get cooled down at least a couple of times during the day.  If you know of an elderly neighbor who doesn’t have air conditioning, please check on them to make sure they are getting enough liquid.

So let’s all go out and enjoy the summer that has arrived just like every other August before it.  Let’s watch the weeds grow faster than the grass and help the animals to get clean water - unless you have a dog that likes jell-o!

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