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5-3-2016 Planning Minutes

TUESDAY – May 3, 2016

1. Call to Order –Roll Call
The Yamhill Planning Commission meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by
Chair Mitchell.

Members present: Prendergast, Mitchell, Padberg and Moore
City staff present: City Recorder Gilmore, Superintendent Howard
City Planner John Morgan

2. Flag Salute
Chair Mitchell led the flag salute with all those present participating.

3. Public Comment
Tearie Locke of 18325 Stillers Mill Road, representing the Yamhill Farmers Market located at 185 S. Maple Street, provided a map of the market showing vendor spaces. The map allotted space for 15 vendor areas, all 10’ by 10” spaces. The Farmers Market will have its opening day on May 7, 2016. The Planning Commission requested this drawing of the configuration of the layout of the spaces at the April 6, 2016 meeting.

4. New Business:
A. Discuss if the City has a need for additional designation zoning that includes
medium and low density and multifamily zoning.

Chair Mitchell requested that the commission look at the possibility of additional zoning designations other than R1, R2 and R3. Morgan stated that Yamhill does not currently have any medium to high-density zoning. When the City moves forward with a UGB Expansion, the State of Oregon will contend that the housing needs will need to provide the opportunity for housing to be developed that meets the needs of the entire population. It doesn’t mean the City has to build housing that is multi-family, but provide the opportunity for zoning to support multi-family dwellings. Morgan feels it is important for the Planning Commission to discuss multi-family zoning and consider the needs of the City with a twenty year projection.
Mitchell stated that the City should have zoning available even if there is no current property with that zoning. The process involves first a code amendment draft, followed by a Planning Commission public hearing with a recommendation to the City Council, and a City Council decision. A lands inventory should be conducted first to determine available buildable land. Howard stated that it is important to determine the City’s water and sewer service capacity when considering a possible expansion.
It was determined that City Planner Morgan should draft language for zoning changes that include options that would integrate well with the City other than the classic zoning that includes apartments and high density. Morgan will provide some written options for consideration at the next planning commission meeting.

5. Unfinished Business:
A. Discuss adopting a code section for temporary Metal Carports.
Discussion was tabled from the April 6, 2016 meeting regarding the regulations or restrictions for what would be considered, temporary metal carports. Morgan stated that these structures would be classified as an accessory structure with regulations listed in Yamhill Municipal Code, Chapter 10.72, as the Code does not specifically address this type of structure. Discussion continued regarding adding specific language in the code to address this type of structure; adding language to require a building permit and the structure to be anchored down; or interpreting since there are no walls it shouldn’t be subject to setback requirements. Morgan stated that the commission does have the authority to interpret the code to say these are temporary uses and therefor subject to
the accessory section of the code. Commission’s consensus is to table the decision until they can determine what the City’s impact would be if a stricter code were adopted and wait to see if there are enough complaints to justify a code change.

6. A. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes from April 6, 2016.
There were no members in opposition to the minutes.

Moore made motion, seconded by Prendergast to approve minutes.

Roll Call: Ayes: Prendergast, Padberg, Mitchell and Moore
Nays: None

The Motion Carried.

7. Information/Announcements:
A. Vacancies: Planning Commission – 1 Member-Applications are available at
City Hall.
B. City Council meeting May 11, 2016 @ 7:00m.
C. Budget Committee Meeting on Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 6:30pm

8. Adjournment: 8:10pm
Prendergast made motion to adjourn, Padberg seconded.

All in favor, Chair Mitchell adjourned the meeting: at 8:10pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Lori Gilmore
City Recorder/Treasurer

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 2:45pm

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