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5-11-2016 Council Minutes

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 7:00 P.M.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Terp at 7:00PM

Present: Mayor Terp and Councilors Weinstein, Disbrow, Gilmore, and Echauri
Staff present: City Recorder Gilmore, Superintendent Howard and Chief Graven

None Received.

A. SERVPRO presentation, Aaron Dixion, Marketing Manager.

Aaron Dixion, representing SERVPRO, introduced himself. SERVPRO is a fire and water damage restoration company. Dixion introduced John Lawrence to present an emergency response program that is built around property damage. The program provides an emergency response book for your business that is basically an owner’s manual for your specific buildings. The plan would list information on who should be called in an emergency, where the utilities are, how to turn them off, who’s responsible and their respective phone numbers. Terp questioned what the charge for the program would be and Dixion stated that the program is free and with no obligation. The program is a service that SERVPRO provides in exchange for having the opportunity to be of assistance if the City did have an emergency. Council’s consensus is to approve having SERVPRO provide an emergency response book for the City of Yamhill.

B. Your Community Mediators of Yamhill County, 2016-2017 funding request, Marlena Bertram, YCM Executive Director.

Marlena Bertram, requested support from the City of Yamhill in the amount of $3,025.00 for the 2016/2017 fiscal year. A Yamhill Case Statistical summary was provided for the

Fiscal Year 2014-2015, which reflects the resulting $4,196.00 total case service value of
their services to Yamhill residents. Terp reported that all community donation requests will be reviewed by the Budget Committee at the May 17, 2016 budget meeting.

C. Consider Yamhill Community Club 2016-2017 funding request.

A written funding request was received in the amount of $3,000.00 and will be considered at the May 17, 2016 budget meeting. Terp suggested that in lieu of a money donation that the budget committee might want to consider donating cords of oak firewood to the Community Club, to be auctioned at the annual Derby Days event. It was noted that the City has paid out over $4,600.00 to have downed trees cut and split.

A. Discuss agenda items for the County/City Joint session/Town Hall
scheduled June 13, 2016.

The Yamhill County board of Commissioners have scheduled a Joint Work Session/Town Hall on June 13, 2016 with Yamhill City Officials. The County is requesting that the City generate an agenda for the session and hear directly from the council on what is most important to the City. Suggested topics for the agenda were:
1. Discuss cooperation regarding County Roads in the City of Yamhill.
2. Discuss Economic Development.
3. Discuss the Yamhelas Westsider Trail and how it can benefit the City of Yamhill.
4. Discuss using County resources for Grants to help restore the City’s historic
Downtown district.
After the agenda is approved with the County, it was discussed how to distribute and notify as many residents as possible regarding the Town Hall. Councilor Echauri will check with the Yamhill/Carlton Schools and see if a distribution at the schools could be possible. Terp suggested flyers be made and distributed around town. The announcement will also be posted on the City of Yamhill’s website, at City Hall and the Community Center.

A. None Scheduled

A. None Scheduled

A. Consider approving an Audit Service Proposal in the amount of
$13,500.00 with Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C. for 2015-2016 audit year
and authorize Mayor Terp to execute the contract.

Motion by Echauri, seconded by Weinstein, to authorize Mayor Terp to execute contract with Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C. for 2015-2016 audit service contract.

Roll Call: Ayes: Weinstein, Disbrow, Terp, Gilmore and Echauri
Nays: None

The motion carried.

B. Discuss traffic hazard/parking issues near the Intermediate School.

Chief Graven provided background information on an ongoing traffic hazard near the Yamhill/Carlton Intermediate School. Graven reported that for the past few years there has been an ongoing issue regarding a traffic hazard/parking complaint that has an immediate impact on the safety of the children at the Intermediate School. Parents are parking on Laurel Street between Main Street and First Street to drop off children for school in the morning. In the afternoon parents are literally lining up and parking on Laurel Street to pick children up. There have been numerous occasions where a parent parks their car in the middle of Laurel Street and leaves it there to walk their children into the School. Graven has spoken with Superintendent Howard regarding his concern and is requesting to have “No Illegal Stopping and Parking” signs placed on Laurel Street between Main Street and First Street in an effort to assist in reducing the potential risks of motorist parking illegally. Council’s consensus was to approve the placement of the new signs and instructed Chief Graven to discuss the issue with the School Superintendent and the Intermediate School Principal.

A. Approve Council Minutes
(1) Regular Session – April 13, 2016
B. Financial Statements
C. Approve the following Purchase Orders:
(1) PO # 16-053 – DTR Enterprises - $ 1,800.00 – 2 Fir Tree removals
at N. Fir Street.

Motion by Echauri, seconded by Weinstein to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

Roll call: Ayes: Weinstein, Disbrow, Terp, Gilmore and Echauri
Nays: None

The motion carried.

A. Police Review– Graven – Monthly report in packets
Chief Graven reviewed Police business for April and provided a report of April calls.

Graven reported that Officer Van Cleave is in his second week of Drug Recognition Expert training and stated that it is extensive training and Yamhill County has very few DRE’s. Graven also reported that Reserve Officer Miller will be graduating from the Police Reserve Academy on May 20, 2016.

(1) Discuss if more extensive monthly reporting is necessary -example

Graven provided a report that is generated by Yamhill Communications Agency (YCOM) that tracks everything that is done through the dispatch center. A monthly report would be approximately 15 pages, and would be more detailed. Graven would need to redact all the addresses before it could be provided. Council’s consensus is that the current report that Graven supplies is sufficient and easier to read.

Graven reported that an updated policy will be added to the Police Manual that is a federal law requirement for an employer to provide 15 days of paid leave per year for employees absent because of military service. Graven requested approval to update the manual. Council approved the change.

B. Public Works Review – Superintendent Howard – Memo in packets.
Superintendent Howard provided his staff report included in packets. No questions followed.

Howard reported that three of the four City Welcome signs have been installed and the areas will be cleared and landscaped within the next couple weeks.

Howard informed Council that the City’s engineering firm has finished the City Limits and Urban Growth Boundary Description, including maps. Council had directed Howard to request the City Engineers to provide the legal description of the official UGB line at the November 10, 2015 Council meeting.

C. Mayor/Administration Review-

(1) Staff Report- Direct City Recorder/Elections Officer to call City Council Nominating Convention – City Caucus for the purpose of nominating a City ticket for candidates for Mayor and two City Councilors – Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 6:30 PM, City Hall Council Chambers (YMC Chapter 1.12.030)

Recorder Gilmore reported that the open positions are for the Mayor position and Councilor Weinstein and Councilor Gilmore’s position.

Motion by Echauri, seconded by Disbrow, to approve the City Caucus Nominating Convention on Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Roll call: Ayes: Weinstein, Disbrow, Terp, Gilmore and Echauri
Nays: None

The motion carried.

(2) Staff Report –Schedule of candidate filing deadline, Thursday, August
25, 2016 and Key Election Dates.

Staff Report received by City Council.

D. Council Review
(1) Discuss ball field decommissioning at Heinrich Park.

Councilor Disbrow recommended that the process for determining if there is any interest in revitalizing or re-purposing the ball fields at Heinrich Park be started. Disbrow would like to see a letter sent to Yamhill/Carlton Schools, Yamhill County Parks, Yamhill Carlton Together Cares as well as baseball and soccer groups or clubs. If there are no responses, the City should proceed with decommissioning, consisting of removing all existing structures and returning the area to open fields. Terp recommended that Disbrow coordinate with City Staff to draft a letter for distribution.

E. Emergency Preparedness Review
(1) EOC Draft Summary from All Hands Consulting – copy provided by

Disbrow reported that the final EOC Summary will be received by end of day.
Terp stated that a sub-group consisting of Howard, Graven, Gilmore, Disbrow, herself and Brian Jensen will be meeting monthly to review the summary. Terp recommended that the summary be reviewed by Council and to please report back to the sub-group.

Disbrow reported that he will be meeting tomorrow with School Superintendent Cline and the Red Cross to discuss using the High School as a designated Red Cross Shelter.

A. Joint Work Session/ Town Hall with Yamhill County Commissioners,
Monday, June 13, 2016 @ 7:00pm.
B. Budget Committee meeting and Public Hearing on State Revenue Sharing Possible Use, Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 6:30 pm, City Council Chambers, 155 E 1st Street.
C. City Offices will be closed Monday, May 30, 2016 – Memorial Day.
D. Vacancies: Budget Committee – 1 member
Planning Commission – 1 member
Applications are available at City Hall.
E. June 1, 2016 – First day for local candidates to file declaration of candidacy or nominating petition to run for City Council positions.


Motion by Echauri that the meeting adjourn 8:45PM.
The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Terp
Mayor, City of Yamhill

Lori Gilmore, City Recorder

Friday, May 13, 2016 - 12:00pm

Yamhill City Hall

205 S Maple Street
PO Box 9
Yamhill OR 97148

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