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12-6-2016 Planning Minutes

Tuesday – December 6, 2016 7:00 PM

Public Hearing – Planning Commission

1. Call to Order –Roll Call
The Yamhill Planning Commission meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by
Chair Mitchell.

Members present: Prendergast, Mitchell, Padberg and Moore
City staff present: City Recorder Gilmore, Superintendent Howard,
City Planner John Morgan

2. Flag Salute:
Chair Mitchell led the flag salute with all those present participating.

3. Public Hearing:
A. Facchini Variance Application VAR 16-02.

An application was received to allow a variance to the required 20 foot setback for an accessory structure in a rear yard adjacent to a street, reducing the setback to five feet. (Municipal Code 10.72.030)

Chair Mitchell opened the Public Hearing for Variance Case #16-02 at 7:05pm and reviewed the purpose of the Commission and the procedures for the Public Hearing. There were no objections to jurisdiction.

City Planner, John Morgan presented the staff report for the proposed variance. Morgan reviewed the findings of fact and criteria for approval of a variance. Applicant Jeramie Facchini was in attendance and spoke to the Commission. Facchini stated that he is asking for a variance to reduce the rear yard setback from twenty feet to five feet. Facchini states that the rear yard is adjacent to Nutmeg Street which is an unimproved street that is 40 feet in width and serves as an alley rather than a street. It was noted that the Yamhill Municipal code requires only a five-foot rear yard setback for adjacent to an alley, and a twenty-foot rear yard setback for adjacent to a street.
A letter was received from a neighbor that had concerns with the location of a propane tank near the proposed build site, and also concern whether street improvements would be required if building approved. The placement of a propane tank is outside the purview of the variance process and is subject to fire codes that will be administered at the time of the building permits. Howard stated that because Nutmeg Street is not improved, and no other sidewalks or curbs exist along Nutmeg Street, the code would not require Facchini to make any street improvements.

After discussion consensus was that the twenty foot setback code for a 40 foot unimproved street is unreasonable and allowing a variance for a five-foot setback would be more appropriate. The variance will give the property owner the same rights as any property owner with a rear yard fronting an alley. Nutmeg Street operates as if it is an alley, and it is highly unlikely it ever will be improved as a street, the variance helps create equitable property rights for the petitioner.

Chair Mitchell closed the Public Hearing at 7:55pm.

Motion by Moore, seconded by Prendergast, to approve variance application; Var. #16-02 as submitted and direct staff to prepare an order, with findings of fact, to support the decision for the signature of the Chair.

Roll Call: Ayes: Prendergast, Moore, Padberg and Mitchell
Nays: None

Motion Carried.

Regular Meeting – Planning Commission

Regular meeting opened by Chair Mitchell at 8:00pm

4. Public Comment:
Charan Cline, Superintendent of the Yamhill/Carlton School District introduced himself. Cline notified the commission that the school district will be having a “Bond Open House” on December 8, 2016 and December 13, 2016 to update the public on the developing plans for the bond project. Cline also discussed the Districts future plans for a piece of property located east of the Yamhill/Carlton High School that is approximately 12.4 acres and is inside the City limits and the district is considering splitting the property. Part of the property would be used for agricultural education for students to grow crops or possibly raise livestock. The remaining property would be sold for residential building development and the school district would be interested in discussing a higher density zoning for the property. There was discussion regarding possibly adding additional zoning to accommodate a multi-dwelling zone that includes affordable housing. The Commission is currently discussing code amendments regarding standards for governing the keeping of animals in residential zones and will take Cline’s request into consideration.

5. New Business:
A. None Scheduled.

6. Unfinished Business:
A. Discuss code amendments to address housing needs- John Morgan.

This item was discussed at the November 1, 2016 planning meeting and commission directed Morgan to draft code amendments to the Residential standards in the Commercial Zone, and draft a higher-density residential zone code amendment to consider at the December 6, 2016 planning meeting. Morgan provided a draft code amendment of a RM zone to provide higher-density housing options to meet the needs of Yamhill residents for more affordable housing in a manner compatible with single-family and two-family residential areas. The draft included the following criteria: housing density shall not exceed 15 dwelling units per acre, which is approximately 4 times more dense than the current R2 zoning; no single dwelling shall contain more than 8 dwelling units; building surface shall not cover more than 75% of the lot; side and rear yards will require buffering to obscure 80% of all light passage. Many of the provisions will remain the same as Yamhill’s current zoning codes. Morgan provided the draft for the Commission’s consideration and stated that the RM zone would be a restrictive multi-family proposal and would fit in well for the City of Yamhill.
Roger Grahn of Hwy 240, east of Yamhill, commented that he is a builder developer mainly dealing in apartments, and would agree that Yamhill is in need of additional zoning to accommodate needed housing. Grahn proposed that the City of Yamhill consider a residential zone that would allow 6,000 square foot lots and higher-density housing that would allow an 8-plex apartment.
The Commission discussed the State mandate that requires all Cities to supply land for sufficient affordable housing and multi-family housing and would like to move forward with drafting some zoning amendments.
Morgan reviewed the current Commercial zone that restricts not more that 50% of the building square footage to be used for residential purposes, and recommended that limit be lifted to include no limit on the second floor.
Morgan asked the Commission to consider the zoning topics discussed and direct him on drafting amendments to our current codes if the Commission would like to move forward. Morgan stated that the process includes 35 days’ notice to the State and would require a public hearing where the Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council and the Council would then hold a Public Hearing and make a decision and if approved, would be adopted by an Ordinance.
Morgan was directed to draft amendments to add a RM multi-family residential zone; change the density on the current R1, R2 and R2 zones; and lift the restrictions on the number of dwelling units in the commercial zone. The drafts should be available for the January, 2017 planning meeting.

B. Discuss code amendments regarding “Standards Governing Keeping of
Animals in Residential Zones”.

This item was discussed at the September 20, 2016 and November 1, 2016 planning meeting. It was determined that the Commissioners are still considering whether to amend the current code, and would like to review the Eugene Ordinance further. Consensus was to not make any decisions and continue the discussion at the December 6, 2015 meeting, allowing more time to research municipal codes.
Morgan provided the current Ordinance for Eugene, Oregon concerning Urban Animal Keeping Standards. Commissioner Prendergast recommended tabling the issue until the next planning meeting and consensus was to continue research before making any amendment decisions.C

7. A. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes from November 1, 2016.

There were no members in opposition to the minutes.

Prendergast made motion, seconded by Moore to approve minutes.

Roll Call: Ayes: Prendergast, Mitchell, Padberg and Moore
Nays: None

The Motion Carried.

8. Information/Announcements:
A. Vacancies: Planning Commission –1 Member –
Budget Committee – 3 Members -Applications are available at City Hall.
B. Certified 2016 Population Estimate – 1,070.
C. 8th Annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony – Friday, December 9th, 2016
@ 6:00 pm. Refreshments to follow ceremony

9. Adjournment

Mitchell made motion to adjourn Moore seconded.

All in favor, Chair Mitchell adjourned the meeting: at 9:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Lori Gilmore
City Recorder/Treasurer

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 4:45pm

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