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5-2-2017 Planning Minutes

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 7:00 PM

Public Hearing – Planning Commission

1. Call to Order –Roll Call
The Yamhill Planning Commission meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by
Chair Mitchell.

Members present: Commissioners Mitchell, Padberg, Fox and Prendergast
Excused Absence: Commissioner Moore
City staff present: City Recorder Gilmore, Superintendent Howard,
City Planner John Morgan

2. Flag Salute
Chair Mitchell led the flag salute with all those present participating.

3. Public Hearing:
A. Yamhill/Carlton School District - Variance Application – Var. 17-01.

This is an application from the Yamhill-Carlton School District, for a variance to the maximum height of a building in the zone. The maximum height in an R-2 zone is 35 feet. The proposed Gym and Career Technical Education Center are proposed to be as much as 43.5 feet in height. The application includes design drawings and narrative describing the project and providing information relative to the criteria for the Variance.
The applicant has also applied for a Development Permit seeking approval of the new construction. That Development Permit was approved by the Planning Commission but is on appeal to the City Council. An approval of this variance is outside of the ultimate decision on the Development Permit which will determine if the entire project will move ahead. If the Development Permit is denied, an approval of this variance request will be moot.

Chair Mitchell opened the Public Hearing for Variance Application Case #17-01 at
7:05 pm and reviewed the purpose of the Commission and the procedures for the Public Hearing. There were no objections to jurisdiction.

Chair Mitchell announced that he is also on the citizens advisory committee for the School District and that after review of his role on the school committee, City Attorney Gowell advised Mitchell that it was not a conflict of interest for him also to be the Chair of the Yamhill Planning Commission and have voting rights.

City Planner, John Morgan presented and read through the staff report for the proposed variance application, which included a brief introduction as well as an analysis and findings for the variance application. The staff report also included the criteria for approval; a conclusion; followed by a recommended motion to approve the application for a height variance. The variance application justification is based on the fact the dome roof is the most cost effective roofing structure for the type of facilities being built and there is no provision in the Yamhill Development Code for using a dome roof. To maintain proper structural design, and to start the dome on top of a vertical wall of adequate height for the internal structure, the dome must rise to the designed height. The actual peak of the roof is only found at the middle of the structure. Many codes measure roof height as the average height between the eves and peak, a standard these roofs would meet. Also, the R-2 zone is a residential single-family zone. The 35-foot height limit keeps houses at practical and aesthetically appropriate heights. The 35-foot limit may not be appropriate for many uses allowed in the R-2 zone through the conditional use or development permit processes, such as schools, churches, and neighborhood clubs. Also noted, there is no practical way to use a highly effective dome roof and meet the 35-foot height limit. The requested height is the minimum relief needed. These exceptional circumstances apply only to the institutional buildings to be developed in the center of the High School campus.

Deb France, the architect with OH Planning+Design Architecture introduced herself and provided a design drawing of the two proposed dome structures. The proposed Gym and Career Technical Education Center would have a height of 43.5 feet. France reported that the current High School is at a height of 44 feet 9 inches at the roof point.

Commissioner Padberg questioned France regarding the need for a building of that height for the activities in the Career Technical Education Center (CTE). France feels the height will benefit both the wood shop and metal shop.

Mike Marino of Madras, Oregon a project manager for the Yamhill/Carlton School District introduced himself and stated that because of the proximity of the shops, the height will be limited because they are not centrally located in the middle of the dome building.

Rich Yeo, Yamhill-Carlton School Board Member and longtime community member introduced himself and encouraged the commission to approve the variance. Yeo stated that he has been a construction manager and Construction owner throughout Oregon and has been involved in building over 400 Schools. Yeo reported that schools and gymnasiums are not built with flat roofs because of leaking and that regardless of a domed building or typical structure, a competition gymnasium would need to be at the very least 40 feet in height.
Chuck McCord of Yamhill questioned the Bond language as it does not state there will be a new CTE building, but remodeling existing building. McCord indicated that if it was stated that the building would be remodeled in the bond language, then it must be a possibility to remodel and not require new construction.

Rocky Losli of Yamhill questioned Morgan’s opening statement that indicated the conclusions and recommendations would be based on applicable criteria within the City’s Development Code. Morgan stated that Chapter 10 of the Municipal Code contains the zoning ordinances, wherein the Variance criteria are contained.
Morgan reiterated that the Zoning Ordinance is the City’s decision on the dimensions of buildings and what is allowed in zones. The code does not address structural, architectural or engineering details of buildings; those are found in codes such as the Oregon Structural Specialty Code, Oregon Fire Code and local Building Codes and are not part of the City’s Development Code.

Patty Pairan of Yamhill, stated that as a citizen of Yamhill, she recently had a garage built and was required to submit building plans that showed the building dimensions to the City of Yamhill and also Yamhill County for building permit approval and questioned why the height dimensions was not included in the initial blue prints the architect submitted. Morgan stated that only a site design was received for the development permit and no building permits have been submitted at this time. The construction of the domed buildings has not been started and only demolition of some existing structures has been started.

Roger Grahn of Yamhill, a builder and contractor stated that he believes the dome design is excessive and unnecessary and believes there are many alternative building systems other than a domed building. Grahn doesn’t believe that all of the variance criteria can be met when there are alternative buildings options.

Commission Chair Mitchell reiterated that tonight’s hearing is on the Height Variance application and that comments or questions regarding the building structures or domes are not the City’s decision and should be directed to the School District Board.

Commissioner Padberg questioned why there were two different designs for the CTE building on the School Districts website for the Bond’s update information. France responded that last fall, the School Board and the design committee requested a comparison of traditional construction vs the dome construction and the outcome was that the dome design would be more cost effective.

Mitchell announced that before tonight’s hearing is closed, the applicant or representative has the right of rebuttal for items pertaining to the height variance.

Rick Yeo, a School Board Member wanted to remind the commission and participants that the applicant is not asking for approval for the dome, approval for a roof color or site work that has already been started. The applicant is asking for approval of a height

variance for a competition Gymnasium and CTE building and recommends approving the variance permit application.

Patty Pairan commented that she believes the two massive domed buildings will be a sore thumb to the community. Morgan reiterated that the comment is not relevant to the variance application.

Deb France reaffirmed that the variance application is for both the CTE and Gymnasium building. France stated that 35 foot height limitation in a residential zone is hard to comply with for an institutional use building and doesn’t believe it is an unusual variance request. France doesn’t believe that the request is excessive and asks the Commission to approve the request.

Chair Mitchell closed the Public Hearing at 7:50 pm.

Commissioner Padberg stated concern for approving a height variance for both buildings, as doesn’t feel that the CTE building needs to be a dome with a height of 43.5 feet and has alternative building system designs. Padberg stated that the criteria specifies that it needs to be an unnecessary, unreasonable hardship for considering the approval and is not convinced the dome is necessary for the CTE building. The variance application and request is for two buildings and it was noted that the posted Noticed of Public Hearing only listed the Gymnasium and should have noticed that it was for the CTE building also. Padberg also noted that the voter’s pamphlet for the School District Bond only listed the new construction as a concrete dome Gymnasium and would like to declare the voter pamphlet as part of the permanent record for the Variance application. Padberg doesn’t believe that the applicant showed the sufficient information to justify a variance for the CTE building.

Motion by Fox, seconded by Prendergast, to approve variance application Var. #17-01;

The Commission directs staff to prepare an order, with findings of fact, to support the decision for the signature of the Chair.

Roll Call: Ayes: Prendergast, Fox and Mitchell
Nays: Padberg
Absent: Moore

Motion Carried.

Chair Mitchell called for a 10 minute recess.

Regular Meeting – Planning Commission

Regular meeting opened by Chair Mitchell at 8:15 pm

4. Public Comment
None Received.

5. New Business:
A. None Scheduled.

6. Unfinished Business:
A. None Scheduled.

7. A. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes from March 20, 2017.

There were no members in opposition to the minutes.

Fox made motion, seconded by Padberg to approve minutes.

Roll Call: Ayes: Mitchell, Padberg, Fox and Prendergast
Nays: None

The Motion Carried.

8. Information/Announcements:
A. Budget Committee meeting, Monday, May 15, 2017, 6:30PM. City
Council Chambers, 155 E. 1st Street.
B. City Council meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 7:00pm,
including Public Hearing for Development Permit Case # 17-01 Appeal.

9. Adjournment: 8:25PM

Fox made motion to adjourn, Padberg seconded.
All in favor, Chair Mitchell adjourned the meeting: at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Lori Gilmore
City Recorder/Treasurer

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 10:00am

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