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7-11-2017 Planning Minutes

Tuesday – July 11, 2017 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting – Planning Commission

1. Call to Order –Roll Call
The Yamhill Planning Commission meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by
Chair Mitchell.

Members present: Commissioners Mitchell, Padberg, Fox and Moore
Excused Absence: Commissioner Prendergast
City staff present: City Recorder Gilmore

2. Flag Salute:
Chair Mitchell led the flag salute with all those present participating.

3. Public Comment:
Rocky Losli of Yamhill made comments regarding the recent Public Hearings with the Yamhill-Carlton School District. Losli commented that the School District has known there was a lack of water pressure for more than ten years, and has been reminded of it several times in the last two years. Losli referenced the Oregon Uniform Fire Code, Yamhill Municipal Code and the Yamhill Comprehensive Plan, stating that the Yamhill City Planner and Staff should be familiar with the codes and work directly with the Fire Department to provide the general requirements of the public health, safety and general welfare for the public as stated in Yamhill Municipal Code 10.48.010. Losli made a final comment recommending that the City Planner and Planning Commissioners work more closely with the Fire District to tie the Fire Code and Municipal Code together to have a better understanding of what needs to be done and should be done.

4. New Business:
A. None Scheduled.

5. Unfinished Business:
A. Review Draft Zoning Code Amendments.

A staff report was provided by City Planner, John Morgan, for a proposed code amendment to the Yamhill Development Code changing how height is measured.
The only action requested of the Commission tonight is to initiate the Code amendment process by motion. This is required by the Code before any amendment can be brought to the table.
Such an action in no way makes a decision on the proposal, either to support it or reject it. Initiating the amendment will set the matter for a public hearing before the Commission followed by a public hearing before the Council. The Planning Commission’s role is to make a recommendation to the Council following the hearing, and the Council will then make a decision on adopting the proposed change.
This proposal is being brought by the Staff to the Commission in response to the issues concerning the measurement of height that became evident in the recent Yamhill-Carlton land use process. The Council also expressed concern about the disparity in how height is measured according to the Development Code, which is different than the Building Codes and different than the way many other cities measure height.
The Commissioners discussed the language change for Development Code 10.08.010, that would change how height is measured. Currently the code reads “the vertical distance from the grade to the highest point of the coping of a flat roof or the highest point of a mansard roof or to the highest gable of a pitch or hip roof.” The proposed language change would measure height as the vertical distance above the highest adjoining sidewalk or ground surface within 5-foot horizontal distance of the exterior wall of the building measured to the highest point of the coping or flat roof, or to the deck line of a mansard roof, or to the average height of the highest gable or peak of a pitched, hipped, or domed roof. The height of a stepped or terraced building is the maximum height of any segment of the building.
Commissioner Padberg provided a drawing that showed how a 35ft height average could allow for a 3-story house with a 6/12 roof pitch, or any wall height less that 35ft would allow a building peak to be taller than 35 feet. Commissioners expressed a concern that changing to an average height measurement, could potentially allow a building or house to be built up to 50 feet in height.
Gilmore reiterated Morgan’s staff report, that if the commission initiated the code amendment process tonight, it would not be a decision to either support or reject it, but set the matter for a public hearing.
After lengthy deliberation, the Commission did not want to move forward with a public hearing and recommended that the topic be tabled until more information could be reviewed and when City Planner Morgan could attend. Consensus to table the amendment was unanimous.

6. A. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes from May 2, 2017.

There were no members in opposition to the minutes.

Fox made motion, seconded by Padberg to approve minutes.

Roll Call: Ayes: Mitchell, Padberg, Fox and Moore
Nays: None

The Motion Carried.

7. Information/Announcements:
A. City Council meeting – Wednesday, July 12, 2017
B. Yamhill Derby Days Parade – July 15, 2017
C. Yamhill’s Eclipse Party – Beulah Park – Monday, August 21, 2017.

8. Adjournment: 8:25PM

Fox made motion to adjourn, Padberg seconded.
All in favor, Chair Mitchell adjourned the meeting: at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted:
Lori Gilmore
City Recorder/Treasurer

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 10:30am

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